A leased-line specification providing for 24 frames with an aggregate bandwidth of up to 1.544Mbps.
See also E1
A leased-line specification providing for an aggregate bandwidth of 44.746Mbps.
Terminal Access Control Access Control System. An obsolete standard for authentication, TACAS was commonly used on Cisco and other terminal servers and routers. TACACS was defined in RFC 1492, and is superseded by TACACS+ and RADIUS.
Terminal Access Control Access Control System, TACACS+ adds enhanced support for challenge-response authentication and encrypted communication between the client and server.
See also AAA> and RADIUS.
A program used to create a single file archive from several files, often used to distribute programs for Unix. The Unix command has many options.
A unit of measurement of data storage capacity, a terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes, or approximately 1.0485760e12. (cole)
Any display unit or host used interactively. Generally used to refer to a serially connected text-only remote access device.
Terminal Server
A network device used to connect multiple terminals or other remote devices to a network.
See also: NAS and RAS.
Acronym for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, a Networking standard commonly used on the Internet.
A communications protocol for connecting to other computers locally or across the Internet.
Trivial File Transfer Protocol, this is a simplified version of FTP without authentication and many other basic features. Often used for booting devices over a network.
Acronym for "Thumbnail Gallery Post", a HTML page containing a number of small, 'thumbnail images, usually pornographic, designed to entice the viewer to pay for access to access to high-resolution versions of the same or similar images.
The animated download 'working' icon in the upper right corner of most graphical web browsers.
A thumbnail image is a reduced-size version of a larger image, usually smaller in not only bytes and pixels, but also reduced resolution and colors. Generally used to provide an easy visual index to a group of pictures, often as part of a 'contact sheet' or TGP,
An acronym for The Internet Adapter, a program that allows pseudo- SLIP connections from a normal shell account. Also used to mean 'Thanks in Advance'. The program TIA has been discontinued, superceded by SLiRP is a free program that performs a similar function.
See also: TCP/IP, Internet.
Shorthand for To My Knowledge
See also: ROTFL, IMHO.
Similar to ping, traceroute shows the route to a selected host (note that the route to a host may differ from the route from a host) with the time required for a packet to get to each intermediate host or router.
An unswitched line between telephone or long-distance company offices, used to carry voice, data, or billing information. (suess)
Similar to coax, but with two internal conductors, Twinaxial cable is the standard for connecting IBM 3270 terminals.