Any machine can be a host. The machine you log into is your 'login host', the machine you read news from is a 'news host', etc.
Acronym for HyperText Markup Language, the underlying formatting for World-Wide-Web documents. A Primer explaining the format is available for beginners.
Acronym for HyperText Transport Protocol the system for requesting HTML documents from the World-Wide-Web.
Information Superhighway
Deprecated. A term often used by newbies and Al Gore to describe the Internet.
See also: cyber.
A directory or WWW page that is 'owned' by a user is often referred to as their 'home directory' or 'home page'.
A popular program for the Macintosh used to convert binary files into the 7-bit BinHex format so they can be sent as text.
See also: uuencode.
In networks (primarily ethernet) arranged with a 'star' topology (as opposed to a 'ring'), the central connecting device is usually known as the 'hub'. (temagami)
A FSF project to build a multi-server operating system based on the MACH kernel.
A system of "live" documents where a text file contains references to other documents that can be followed, thus linking documents to other related materials. The best known example is HTML.