A segment is a physically or logically distinct section of a network. Segments are used to isolate network traffic, and often have specific limitations on their physical size and number of hosts and other physical connections.
A popular Mail Transport Agent, sendmail is a popular mail processing package used primarily on older Unix systems.
A serial communications circuit sends the individual bits over the connection one by one, as opposed to a parallel communication circuit. Most home computer data communications are done over serial links.
A server provides information or other services to it's clients. Most network protocols are client-server based. While a server usually refers to an entire machine, it's can also be used to refer to a particular daemon on that machine.
Acronym for Standard Generalized Markup Language, a generic grammar used as the basis for many document formats. Additional information on SGML is available from
One of several command line interfaces available on Unix machines, some common unix shells include Bourne, Korn, tcsh, and the Bourne Again shell (from GNU.
Acronym for Serial Line Internet Protocol, SLIP is a serial packet protocol used to connect a remote computer to the Internet using modems or direct connections, SLIP requires an Internet provider with special SLIP accounts or a shell account a SLIP emulator such as TIA(tm) or SLiRP.
An acronym for Simple Mail Transport Protocol, which defines a common mechanism for exchanging mail across a network. This protocol is described in RFC number 821. Usually SMTP is incorporated in a MTA
Snail Mail
The U.S. Postal service or other form of ground mail. As opposed to E-Mail
Simple Network Mangement Protocol, a system for configuring and monitoring devices on IP networks, as defined in RFC 1157. The protocol defines both standard and device-specific MIBs specifying what information is available and how to access it.
A popular canned meat product. Also, bulk, mass, or repeated posting or mailing of substantially identical messages. The emphasis is on the multiple sending, either many copies to one destination, or one copy to many destinations. This is a reference to the famous Monty Python Spam sketch.
Service Protocol Identifier, used in some ISDN hardware to register a particular device to the central office switch.
SQL Structured Query Language. A standard programming language for access to database systems.
A standard for cryptographic connections over a TCP connection.
The practice of hiding one piece of information inside of another. The most common example is watermarking.
Secure Telnet
The term used by newbies to descripbe exploring the Internet, usually through a World-Wide-Web browser, a metaphor from real surfing.