Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. The name used by Cisco for the primary services required by a NAS product.
Application Configuration Access Protocol, a standard for accessing program configuration information from a remote server, allowing a user to use and change their configuration from any workstation by reading or writing the values on a central server. Defined in RFC 2244.
Microsoft's own take on live web content, ActiveX is propietary system for embedding controls and the underlying code into any OLE application, most commonly a web browser.
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Acronym for the Andrew File System. A distributed filesystem standard for Unix and Windows NT. Originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University.
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port, a standard for 3d graphics designed by Intel for their LX chipset motherboards in response to inroads in their market dominance by clone manufacturers.
Acronym for Automatic Number Identification, a system similar to Caller-ID, used by the telephone company and some classes of subscriber for identifying the caller. Unlike Caller-ID, ANI delivery is not blocked by * (star) codes. (suess)
American National Standards Institute A private, nonprofit organization operating in the public interest to coordinate U.S. standards. Also, a common terminal control protocol for BBS communications.
Application Programming Interface, a set of public (visible to other programs) function calls allowing communication between programs, or between a program and the kernel.
A Macintosh-specific network protocol for sharing resources (files, printers, etc). Appletalk can use special hardware or run on ethernet.
Apple Remote Access, a protocol allowing network access from Macintosh systems via dialup. Now almost entirely obsolete.
A system for searching FTP site listings, it is available as a Unix command and via telnet.
See also Veronica.
'är-"KIv A single large file from which many smaller files can be extracted, Archive files are often compressed. Generally they are used to make it easier to transfer large programs and sets of files. Common archive formats include ARJ, TAR, ZIP, and ZOO.
A popular archive program available for MS-DOS and other computers.
See Also: TAR, ZIP, and ZOO.
Acronym for Address Resolution Protocol, a protocol for translating between IP addresses and MAC-layer addresses in an ethernet. Defined in RFC 826.
See Also: BOOTP, DHCP, and RARP.
Acronym for Advanced Research Project Administration NETwork. A US Department of Defense project designed as a redudant WAN capable of surviving a nuclear war. Precursor of the Internet
Autonomous System, a unique number identifying an Internet-connected network that has routing policies distinct from their upstream connection(s). Used in the BGP routing protocol.
Acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, which specifies the standard 7-bit character set.
Advanced SCSI programming Interface. The software interface between operating system's device drivers and a SCSI host adapter.
A method of data transfer in which the device cannot proceed to the next block of data until it has received positive acknowledgment that the other device received the block correctly. See Also: synchronous
Asynchronous Transfer Mode. The ITU standard for a cell-relay based communications system encompassing voice, data and video traffic. ATM provides standards for 25Mbps and 155Mbps transmission speeds.
Attachment Unit Interface, the standard ethernet interface between the NIC and a 10-base5 network.
Any system by which a system attempts to validate that a user is in fact who they claim to be, generally using a simple username/password pair. Strong authentication is generally based on at least two of the three ways to prove you are approved for access-
  1. Something you know (a password)
  2. Something you have (a cardkey or other phsical token)
  3. Something you are (voiceprint, fingerprint or retina scan)
AWG American Wire Gauge, a rating of the diameter of a wire, the smaller the number, the larger the wire, and (generally) the higher the current it can carry.
AXFR In DNS, any DNS request for a complete transfer of all records for a zone.