Acronym for Network Access Point, the major internet providers usually have peering points at one or more NAPs.
Acronym for Network Access Server, this is a terminal server designed specifically to provide remote connectivity via PPP and similar protocols.
Acronym for Network Address Translation, a system included with many routers and some operation systems where many hosts "behind" the router, or firewall host are translated to a single real IP address. Fundamentally, NAT is great for any use where the inside client opens a connection out to a remote site (web browsing), or where the two ends rendevous on a selected, random port (IRC's CTCP, FTP), but problematic where a specific port is used and more than one of the translated machines need to accept new connections in from outside, such as in web serving, online games, and other servers.
The "n" word, this term is deragatory when used by outsiders, but acceptable when used to describe a fellow nerd. While geeks must be born, nerds are made, the most famous case being Bill Gates.
The informal set of rules for using the Internet, ignoring them may result in being flamed or mail-bombed. Guidelines for usenet news can be found in news.announce.newusers.
A commercial GUI World-Wide-Web browser for X-Windows, MS-Windows and Macintosh, available from Netscape Communications.
Somebody new to the Internet, or to computers in general. If you needed to look this up, you are most likely a newbie.
A message area in the Usenet News, each newsgroup can be either 'moderated' with only postings approved by a moderator publically posted, or 'unmoderated' where all messages are distributed to the newsgroup immediately.
The Unix workstation manufactuered for several years by NeXT, designed to run the MACH operating system, NeXTSTEP.
An acronym for Network FileSystem, this is one method of sharing files across a LAN or through the internet.
See also: AFS.
An acronym for Network Interface Card or for Network Information Center, such as the Internic. Not to be confused with NOC.
Network Information Service, a data-distribution method popular on Sun workstations. Originally created as Yellow Pages (YP) until forced to change due to trademark infringement on British Telecom
Network Layer Reachability Information. Used primarily in Cisco router configurations.
Acronym for Network News Transfor Protocol, a system for reading and writing Usenet News articles across a network, this service is defined by RFC number 977.
Network Operations Center, a site used by a business or other operation for controlling and monitoring a LAN and/or WAN.
An acronym for National Science Foundation, the NSFNet became officially disconnected from the primary Internet on April 30, 1995.
An acronym for Network Service Provider, these are the companies that provide connectivity to the internet for ISPs and others requiring high speed connections between their LANs and the Internet.
A "nybble" is four bits (one-half of a byte). Nybble chips were occasionally used to conserve costs where only values from 0-15 will be stored.