Deragatory term for a person with limited social skills, and usually strong technical skills. While anybody can become a nerd, geeks are born, not made. The difference between a geek and a dweeb is that dweeb has no redeeming qualities.
is an acronym for Graphic Interchange Format, developed by compuserve this is a very popular format for exchanging pictures, it is slowly being replaced by the JPG image format.
ji-g& Prefix meaning 'billion', as in gigabyte.
See also mega. (molly)
Acronym for "GNU's not Unix". The GNU project's goal is to provide freely redistributable Unix-compatible software.
An information system that predates the modern web, gopher is a text-oriented protocol, now all but obsolete.
Acronym for Global-Regular-Expression-Print, grep is a utility that allows you to search through files for specicif paterns, including regular expressions and strings. fgrep (FAST-GREP) performs a similar function without expanding special characters from a string.
See also Regular Expression. (rezidew)
Acronym for Graphical User Interface, such as the Mosaic(tm) browser and the Macintosh and MS-Windows systems.
A free compression program commonly available as a Unix command for file compression, gzip, which is also available for MS-DOS, compresses files and appends either '.z' or '.gz' to the filename.