The new 56k analog modem standard as defined by the Veronica
Very Easy Rodent Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives, A program to track down information from Gopher databases.
Virtual items have no direct corresponding physical equivalent, for example most computers have one or more physical hard drives, on which can be defined a number of virtual storage areas called partitions.
Van-Jacobson Compression
A form of IP header compression used for SLIP connections
Variable Length Subnet Masks are a mechanism for providing subnets of different sizes within a single IP block. Implemented in the OSPF routing protocol.
Virtual Private Network, the concept of using the internet or other 'public' carriers as transit for private network traffic, usually in encrypted form.
Virtual Reality Modeling Language, a means of specifying three-dimensional environments, primarily used for web sites. For more information, see The VRML Repository. (ignacio)