ob- /ob/
abbreviation for "obligatory. An oft-neglected facet of netiquette in which the author of a usenet post includes a bit of on-topic material to justify an otherwise off-topic posting.
See also Jargon's definition
Object Linking and Embedding, Microsoft's proprietary mechanism for allowing documents and applications to access data and subroutines from within other applications. OLE is itself built on top of COE. OLE is a major component of ActiveX, and sees some minimal use in linking data (primarily video and audio clips) across applications.
Object Oriented, any programming language or other system which is based on the concept of grouping related routines and data structures together in 'objects'.
Out-Of-Band, meaning information sent outside of the normal communications stream.
Operating System, the basic instruction set used to provide a computer with the routines necessary to communicate with the user and hardware devices.
See also BIOS.
Open Software Foundation, backers of MACH and other projects.
See Also: FSF.
An internet routing protocol, this stands for Open Shortest Path First. This is a relatively new protocol with many enhancements over RIP and other older systems. Defined in RFC number 1583.
See also VLSM, Router.
On The Other Hand. Internet Chat shorthand.